Calvin - The first 2 weeks.

Calvin David Dean

You weigh 9 lbs, 13 oz and are 22.5 inches long.
It's crazy how fast the first two weeks went with you!

Because of how fast you came, you had quite a bit of swelling and bruising on your nose and face.  The doctor said it was all normal, and I waited to take your newborn pictures until it went down.....but the swelling on your right eye never quite went away, and is still a bit blue so we took them anyway.


You've done a lot in those weeks though - you've been to your first AI project, first jackpot show, first parade & first county fair.  You've traveled to Grandma's house, Aunt Lindsay & Uncle Henry's house, and my office a few times.

You take everything in stride, and are such a good baby.
On a normal night, you wake once or twice to eat but sleep well.  Let's not kid - you're a normal baby and you've had a few nights where you are a party animal for an hour or two in the middle of the night.  But for the most part - you sleep well which your mama especially appreciates.

You love to be swaddled, and bundled tight.  Most often, if you're crying - you just need to be swaddled.  (So different than Chandler, who hated to be swaddled.)  You like a bink when you are falling asleep, and then spit it out and happily sleep without it.

You have changed so much since we brought you home from the hospital.  It's fun to watch you grow and became your own little self.

Your dad & I joke that your hair is just like his (dark & thick) except you have a receeding hairline where he does not.  :)  I'm not sure what color your eyes will be, but look blue in certain lights and brown in others.
We love you so much buddy - and can't wait to see how you grow!


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