Chandler - 18 months

Chandler Jesson James

You are 18 months old!

You weigh 31.5 lbs, are 35.5 inches tall, wear size 2-3T clothes and a size 5 diaper. (Dr. Earl says your growth is off the charts...but not unexpected since your parents aren't exactly petite.)

You are a sweet, loving, fun, laughing little boy.

You are a great eater, and like just about anything we give you.  Right now a few of your favorite things to eat are watermelon, honeydew, eggs, toast, pizza, salad, sliced cheese and go-gurt.

You can handle a spoon & a fork really well, and I'm sure you could handle a knife if we'd give you one.

M & M's are a favorite treat - followed closely by ice cream.

You know how to communicate with us - but specific words aren't exactly your forte right now.  We can tell you to do something and you understand and go do it - but mostly we get a lot of words we can't understand and "uh uh uh" back from you.  You do know Dada, Mama, and thank you.

You are such a good helper. Right now you love to put things in the trash (which I'm happy to have you help me), and love to play with your kitchen, any cleaning tool (broom, vacuum), push your mower, or play ball.

You are the best bigger brother and love to love on Calvin.  Sometimes "love" looks a little like smushing - but it's just because you want to be close to him.

I hope you two grow up to be the best little buddies together.

You love to be outside.  If it's outside - you want to do be doing it.

Pushing things is a favorite past time - your lawn mower, the stroller, a dump truck - you name it, you like to push it.

You also love to be in the water - a sprinkler, the kiddie pool at your babysitter Kelley's, splashing in a tub of water - if it's wet, you want to be there.

We love you so much buddy!

Thanks for taking us on this ride we get to call {Family}.


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