On the road to AI.

I don't take it for granted -
This summer.
This lifestyle.
These experiences.
These kids.
This family.

We spent a few days in the desert AI'ing a few Herefords last month and I wanted to capture these pictures here.  It was the first project we'd taken Cal to over night where we weren't staying in a hotel.  We stayed in our camper we bought from Terry & Anna earlier this year; and while Clint had stayed in it quite a bit in late Spring, I hadn't been to a project remote enough to need it.
This picture is blurry - but it's a favorite.  Chandler loves to snuggle his brother in the morning, and this was the first time Calvin smiled for us.  Here we were, a little family of four, waking up in the middle of nowhere after our first night "camping" in our camper as a family and sweet Calvin just capped off a night that I was a little worried about going into but that actually resulted in a good night of sleep and an overall great experience.
I see a lot of future nights in this camper as a family of four; waking up in new places that will provide growing experiences for our kids.

These two adapt to about anywhere, if they're in their stroller. 

When we weren't AI'ing, the crew was either gathering or sorting.  Everyone (except the boys & I) had a horse - even Grady & Bode helped - to get cattle gathered and sorted.  It will only be a few years when Chandler & Calvin are horseback too - but you'll probably always find me on the ground. :)

And I'll just leave you with this - lol - it's not often that you see Brahman cattle in our part of the world so I can only say -  
Happy Hump Day!


  1. Darcy,
    I haven't been very good about blog reading. Toss in a trip home, Nebraska State Fair, hay hauling and here I am. I always enjoy your blog posts and that you and Clint have the boys with you, working (AIing cattle), attending shows or going on a grocery run. That is how my Mom did it too and Sister is in the same boat as you. Miles has a little red wagon Sister pulls him around in. Miles likes to pull the wagon, but not with Sister in it, lol!

    Hope you had a great trip and enjoyed bonding with your boys on the road. It's always good to visit family and get away from your everyday life. It's also good to get home feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next thing life has to show us.

    Blessings to you and your family!


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