Let 'Er Buck!

  Pendleton Round Up - another year to Let 'Er Buck!

We love going to Round Up every year....but it wasn't until last year that I realized the value of "family day".  (At the PRU, family days are Wed & Thur.)  Last year we took Chandler on Saturday, and I vowed never again - lol.  At least not until I didn't have to take in a diaper bag.  :)   Saturday is super fun as an adult....and chaotic and NOT fun as a parent to littles.

This year, we went on Friday and it went well - we made it to the start of barrel racing which I thought was pretty good and exceeded our expectations.  Next year, I think we'll go Wed or Thur, so the kids can run around a bit - but this year wasn't bad!


Chandler had a ball!  And everyone sitting around us was so accommodating of his excitement.

We even got to see Lindsay for a bit!  I love how you run into all of your friends, and get to visit for spells at a time.  Kirby also sat by us, and we got to catch up on life in Lakeview.  :)


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