Nebraska, the Good Life.

Nebraska - it's where Clint grew up and a lot of his family still lives.
Last year when we drove out to visit, I took a picture of Chandler & Clint at the state line (at the bottom of the post) and this year I wanted to do the same with Cal.

It's a little more difficult to 1) hold two boys at once and 2) get everyone looking and smiling at the same time. :)
- A few outtakes, just for fun. -

Chandler always wants to hold Cal's hand - which I love.  :)
Nevertheless - I'm glad we stopped and got the picture.
Nebraska - you've created a good life for Clint, and we're glad we get to take the boys back there.
Clint & Chandler in June 2016


  1. Cute! And it looks like it was a beautiful day! I love the transition from summer to fall in the Midwest!


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