A day in the life.

I love reading "a day in the life" posts from other bloggers, but I've always had reservations about doing it myself.  I didn't want to come off as bragging or showing off - which is probably silly, because we don't have a lot to brag about.  Except two pretty special boys.  :)  I will brag about those any day.  So I've never done one....until Thursday.  I pulled up my big girl panties, got over the mindset above and told myself "you'll be glad you documented an average day, so you can look back and see the little blessings".  So that's what I did - here's a look at last Thursday at the Sexson household.  :)

My alarm went off at 4:00 am like it does every day.  I usually snooze twice (5 min each), and get up at 4:10 but Chandler woke up crying at 4:08 so we started our day then.  ;)  I think he's growing - he's been waking up early a few times a week at night, and just needs a bottle of milk and then goes back to sleep.  Clint was home today, so I grabbed a bottle and tucked him in to drink that with Clint while I fed Cal.  Normally Cal doesn't wake up until 5, but the monitor I have to listen to Chandler in his room is right by Cal's bassinet so his fussing woke him up.  After I fed Cal, I changed him and Chandler took the opportunity to get some snuggling in with his brother.

I headed for the shower, while Chandler snuggled back in with Clint and Cal hung out in his bouncer in our bathroom.   Once Cal is up in the morning - he's up.  :)  Luckily he does great just watching from his bouncer.  We think he's teething, so he went to town with his favorite little toy and was totally content.  I tried to give him a teething ring later on, but he didn't want that at all - just his little stuffed cow.  :)

I showered, got dressed and did my hair & makeup while Cal hung out.  I wish I had hair that could go more than one day without being washed - but I don't.  Unless I want to look like a ragamuffin and that's not really appropriate at our office, lol.


I have a pretty basic routine - and all of the above is either bought at Costco, Ulta or Nordstrom and delivered to my door.  On things like hairspray, I wait until Ulta has a big sale and then buy 10 bottles at a time.  I pictured this mascara sample separately because I LOVE IT!  I just got it as a sample when I ordered more Malin & Goetz lip balm (which is seriously the best) and I need to order a full tube of it because it makes my lashes look awesome with just one coat.  And the wand is not messy at all - win!

Similar Cardigan - Tee - Necklace - Earrings

Dressed & ready for the day - Cal needed his diaper changed again, so I got a few snuggles in with him.  My goal is to have myself ready (and Cal fed) in the morning by 5:15.  That way I can get the car started and warmed up, pack my lunch, put the backpacks for the boys that I packed the night before in the car, and make breakfast for all four of us.  We need to be out the door by 5:40-ish and all of the above takes 15-20 minutes.

Our house is a little on the chaotic side right now.  :)  That's a nice way of saying messy.

I do the dishes and run a load of laundry each night, and vacuum if needed - but I save the majority of my house work for the weekend.  Since we were gone last weekend (and gone again this weekend) I haven't had a chance to file paperwork, put away art supplies, hang up random jackets, etc.  It'll happen one day, and I figure a cluttered house is different than a dirty house so I don't get too worried about it.

Sweet Cal hung out in the swing while I got us ready.  Once I had the car packed, I loaded him in his carseat and then grabbed his brother (who was still sleeping) and got us all out to the car.  When Clint's home, he normally helps me get the boys out to the car in the mornings, but he got in late the night before.  He'd been in Baker & Wallowa and all I know is he wasn't home when I went to bed at 9 pm, but was when I got up at 12:30 am to feed Cal - poor guy, our schedule is a little wonky this week due to some extra travel this weekend.  He said he'd get up and help, but I told him I could handle it so he could sleep in a bit.

Normally Chandler is awake when we leave, and drinking a bottle - but since he'd gotten his party on earlier in the morning - he was sacked out and remained that way the rest of the drive.

I mobile ordered my morning coffee at the end of the driveway, picked it up in Hermiston ten minutes later, dropped off Cal at Pam's and then headed back to Stanfield to drop Chan off at Kelley's.  My goal is to be at Pam's around 6:00, and then at Kelley's at 6:20.  If I'm on the interstate by 6:35 am, I can get to work on time.  I-84 is pretty desolate that early in the morning, and I had a nice chance to enjoy the sunrise.  I cranked up the music - usually I listen to classic country or pop music and this morning the classic country station was playing more music (I don't care to listen to talk radio) so classic country it was!

I get to work a few minutes before 7:00, and from there my day at work starts.  I'm a County Executive Director for FSA in Pendleton, and get to work with a great crew of people.  We're wrapping up our annual payments, and working on cranking out ELAP applications for producers who had to buy extra hay last winter due to the storms.  Most of what I do is confidential, but I can show you a picture of my desk from afar.  :)  I'm actually trying out a stand up desk right now, where I stand all day to work and so far I'm really liking it!  When I came back from maternity leave, where I was active all day long - it was a transition to sit all day long and I honestly just didn't feel good at the end of the day.  It's funny how something as small as standing vs sitting can make me feel, but I like the change.  This desk lets me stand when I'm working, and then sit down when a producer or PT comes into my office so I'm on the same level with them.  I need to raise my  monitors, but that's a pain to do and I wanted to make sure I'd keep using the standing desk before I went to that hassle.

I usually eat lunch at the office (we have a 30 min lunch) but today I went and got our mail from our PO box and I had two cute surprises waiting for me!  Our friend Laura sent the boys a sweatshirt her daughter had outgrown (thanks Laura!), and the Boden tee arrived for Chandler that I'd ordered as a Christmas present. 

And this is why I try not to run errands on my lunch.....because I get sucked into buying a fountain pop! Lol - the gas station by the post office has the best Diet Mtn Dew on fountain, and it's hard to resist a $.89 pick me up.  I may have also eaten two of their chicken strips.
Allegedly. ;)

After work, I pick up Chandler first at Kelley's and then head to Pam's to pick up Cal.  We are so grateful for these ladies - they take SUCH good care of our boys and we just are so grateful for them.

It's Kelley's birthday this weekend, so I stopped to pick up some flowers first. 

Pam wanted me to show you her CUTE fall decorations instead of her. ;) 

Then we headed home to play a little, make dinner, take baths and start our night time routine. 

While I make dinner, Chandler often relaxes and watches farming videos on YouTube.  We got a smart TV this summer and LOVE it! So much that we canceled our satellite TV and just stream Hulu and whatever else comes on our Roku which is integrated into the TV.  I love that I can search for a farming video, and then YouTube just keeps playing similar content.  This night we watched potato harvesting, and then videos about pumpkin seed, corn silage and banana harvesting.  :)  If Clint's at home, they usually watch videos of bulls, ranching or horses.  It's amazing how much content is on YouTube that is family friendly, and the quick 5-10 min videos really capture Chandler's attention.  And ours too, if I'm being really honest.  :)

Dinner during the week is usually something simple (tonight roasted sweet potato fries, smoked tri tip I had in the freezer and salad), and then the boys head for the bath.  I can bathe Cal with Chandler, and then Chandler keeps playing in the bath while I get Cal dressed.  Once he's dressed, Clint hangs out with Cal while I finish bathing & dressing Chandler.

Cal is usually asleep around 7 pm, and then we hang out with Chandler until 8 pm.  Lately he hasn't been going to sleep until closer to 9 - so if that happens, we watch a little TV while he drinks his bottle and snuggles with his lovie.

And that's a day in our life!

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  1. Yes these posts are always so fun to read! I don't have much of a standard routine at this point right now in my life and so I never feel brave enough to pick a random day and do one...


    1. You totally should do one! I think they're so interesting to read. :)

  2. So many similarities as a day in our life �� Leaving home before light breaks, packing everything the night before, Starbucks, and YouTube videos (ours are puppies and horses). So fun seeing photos of these two growing!


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