A weekend at Heiser Farms

We spent the weekend in the valley with my mom and sister. 

My plan was to go next weekend but Clint flew home to Nebraska for Dave Hebbert's funeral and since flights out of PDX we're much less expensive, we changed our plans and dropped him off at the airport Friday and headed to my mom's. 

Lindsay & Henry met us there for dinner. We ate and then played!

Saturday my mom had a training so the boys and I headed to the pumpkin patch Henry's family owns. We always pick the worst weekends weather wise, lol - but the boys were troopers and there was a lot to do under cover.  They have a GREAT pumpkin patch, and we are always so grateful that they let us come & enjoy all they have!
Of course, tractors were #1 on Chandler's favorite list.  :)

Henry gave us a ride on the fire truck, and then took our picture....but not before he took his own first!

The beauty of your sister & her husband living across the street from the patch is lunch & naps are easy!  We took a rest, and then headed back for more fun in the afternoon.

Sunday we headed back to the patch with my mom, and the weather was PERFECT!
But first we gave Chandler a haircut, and mom finished sewing his Halloween costume. 

We rode the train, rode tractors, did both of the slides, climbed the hay bales, played in the grain box with tractors and rode tractors!

After lunch, we headed back out but Chandler was TIRED.  I was leaving at two to pick up Clint from the airport, so we kept him up so he'd sleep in the car - but all of the pictures after lunch show how tuckered out he was - sweet boy had a great time and played hard!

Thank you Lindsay & Henry for having us, thank you mom for feeding us and thank you John & Kristi for having such a fun pumpkin patch to visit!
We love this yearly tradition!
And both boys were asleep before I left the driveway.....
Chandler woke up as I was pulling into the cell phone lot at PDX.  Clint's plane got delayed out of Denver, so we "drove", ate a cookie mom had sent with us and watched the planes come in until Daddy landed.  A quick trip back home, a load of laundry in the washer and after wrapping up this post - I called it a night! 
It was a great weekend!


  1. Must have had an amazing experience visiting your mom. Loved the pictures and they speak about the fun you guys had there. Keep writing about your experiences

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