AI'ing with the Small Family.

We had the best weekend with the Small family in Mountain City.  We stayed after lunch on Sunday to finish up a group of cows, and let the boys finish their naps so we're getting home a little late and this post is going to be a bit of a photo dump.

Chandler had a BALL with Marlie & Paisley.  They played outside, they played inside, they climbed stacks of mineral, they played in the wagon, they made grass bouquets, they played diner....and they were all so good.  Clint and I really enjoyed the visit, but I think it was over the top for the Chan man having two girls dote on him.

We had all kinds of weather, and all kinds of good times visiting with dear friends.

Thanks Wade & Cara for the invite - we'll be back! :)

Such a fun weekend.


We did receive some sad news about one of Clint & Wade's mentor and friend Dave Hebbert. We are sure thinking about and praying for the family as Dave went into the hospital with his progressing cancer. Our thoughts are with Mickie and the family.


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