Chandler - 21 months

Chandler Jesson James
Time flies, because you are 21 months old!

No official stats - since you don't go in for a well child checkup until 24 months.

You are growing so much and have really turned into a "little man".   I am loving this stage right now - it is so fun!  You LOVE tractors...and playing in the dirt.  Which is awesome.  :)  We love that you love to be outside and love to run & play, and I am happy to make sure you have tractors to play with.

Although your dad is a smidgen worried that you'll like tractors more than cattle....but I don't think we have to worry about that.  Especially when you happily ditch a tractor to put on an AI glove.  But something tells me you might find a cattle truck & a few "cow toys" under the Christmas tree this year. 
You are doing so well at daycare, and love your little tribe of buddies & "Nana Kelley".   We're the first to arrive in the mornings, and this month you started to knock all by yourself  and think that's pretty cool. 

You still eat well for all of us, and there isn't much you don't like.  Whatever we eat, you usually do too - and you especially like eggs, cheeseburgers, spaghetti and salad.  And M&M's.  And fruit snacks.  And Hog Wash.  Ha ha - but don't we all like a few vices!

At the end of September, a gopher started digging holes on the east edge of our lawn and it made a great pile of dirt for you to play in!  As soon as we get home at night, you take your tractor right over and go to town.

You play so well independently, and love to dip and scoop.

It'll be fun to watch you as your brother gets older, and can play with you.  As well as you play independently now; I think you are really going to love having someone to play with too!

You do know what we are saying though, and follow directions well.  You know what to do when we ask you to get ready for a bath, or get ready for bed, or get ready to eat, etc.  We're not exactly "scheduled", but we do have a routine and you go along well with it.

Except we're still working on stop/no.  That one I don't have a lot of luck with....but if I turn and walk away from where you're running too, that usually works and you turn around and come back to me.  Most of the time.  ;)   I figure that's all a part of being a toddler.

You talk quite a bit - but most of the time we don't know what you're saying.  :)  We do know when you say; more, tractor, mama, thank you, dada, Dot, and brother.  You also just started saying pumpkin & cheeseburger.   

And really, what other words does a 21 month year old need to know?


Sweet boy -

Your daddy & I love you and your brother so much - it's often we recap our day and talk about how thankful we are for two good boys.

Thanks for being you buddy!  We love you!


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