Friday Favorites - We're headed to Nevada!

It's early Friday morning here at the Sexson household....a normal Friday morning has us up at 4:30 am (I get to sleep in an extra half hour on the Friday's I work, since I take both boys to Kelley that day) but today we're up earlier because we're headed to Nevada this afternoon!

Wade & Cara are breeding cows this weekend, and we're headed down to help.  They probably don't need our help, but it's a good excuse to pay a long overdue visit to their ranch outside of Mountain City and get to see them.   Wade & Clint met in college at OSU, while Wade was working on his BS and Clint his MS and I think the story is they had a little extra money after paying for a fall term so they went and bought a few Hoodoo Charolais cows together.  From there, the herd grew and in 2010 Wade & Cara purchased a ranch next to her parents and they've really grown their cowherd.  It'll be fun to go thru the cows and see their place - I can't wait.

Their friendship - and how it's last long term, and thru moves, and lost pastures, and land purchases, and marriages to detailed women like Cara & I who have just found out that if it works for them, it works for us, and time - is a favorite of mine.  :)

These two boys were both in monkey pajamas Wednesday night.  However, Chandler wet thru his in the middle of the night and I didn't take a picture before he went to bed, so you get to see Cal in his monkey jammies & Chandler is a set I changed him into.  Haha - the life of a mom with two under two, it's pretty glamorous.  These silly monkeys are our favorite though.

And a few other random pictures from bedtime or early morning prep this week....I sure love time at home with these two.


We got our Val's Veggies box this week, and I'm sad that there are only two more weeks - we have loved being a part of her CSA!  This week's boxes were filled with squash (both ornamental and edible) and green peppers.  I usually take two sliced green peppers for snacks at the office, but Chandler grabbed one out of the box before I saw him, and started eating it like an apple!  Green peppers might be his new favorite!

Tractors are clearly a favorite of Chandler's.  Kelley's daughter Jonnie brought home a magazine filled with tractors for sale and he was in heaven!  Kelley said he spent a solid hour and a half Wednesday paging thru the tractors and pointing out the ones he liked.  He's like a older man trapped in a little boys body.  His excitement is definitely a favorite of mine.

This is random, but I have a lot of my Christmas shopping done already and feeling somewhat on top of things there is definitely a favorite!  (And a stress reliever, ha!)  We still need to find one "big" gift for Chandler, but I'm going with the less is more approach again this year.  One thing to read, one thing to wear, one thing they need and one thing for fun is the plan we're kind of sticking too in terms of gift buying.

I'm still enjoying my favorite Starbucks drink - a quad shot, half-caff, iced in a Venti cup with 7 pumps vanilla and a splash of cream.  Sooo good!  Although I might have to scratch the half-caff today and go with all regular shots to get thru the day. ;)

Happy Friday friends - hope that your week was filled with a few favorites too!


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