Loving lately.

A few things I'm

Loving Lately....

1. Bath Dropz

Chandler LOVES having a color drop or two added to his bath at night.  These fizz, and don't stain at all!  They're such an inexpensive way to make bath time fun for our Chan man.

2. La Croix

So I have been a seltzer water drinker for a long time....like in high school (Hi 1997!) I would buy 2 liters of plain seltzer water because that was all that was available.  Now, 20 years later drinking seltzer water is cool and you can buy it in so many flavors!

My favorite brand is La Croix, and my favorite flavor is La Croix Strawberry Pineapple. 

However - I am still cheap (frugal? :)) and try to buy La Croix at Costco, because it is $7 for an assorted 24 cans (lime, grapefruit and lemon)....and you can only buy Strawberry Pineapple at Safeway or Walmart, and it's $4 for 8 cans.  So I buy one case of the "fancy" La Croix a week, and once it's gone - I stick with the "regular" flavors.

So refreshing, and healthy!  ;)  I definitely have a love for La Croix.

GAH!  Ok - so I have tried A LOT of mascaras in my day and this is HANDS DOWN the best one ever.  Like, noticeably better. I mentioned this on my "Day in the Life" post, but it's so good it's worth mentioning again today.  I promise you - it is SO worth buying.


4. Val's Veggies

It's our last week of the 2017 Val's Veggies CSA and I have loved being a part of this!

If you need to find me - I'll be at home, roasting squash or sweet potatoes - YUM!

And how sweet of her was it to include homemade bread, caramel corn & a note in this last box??? 

5. Leopard Flats

Did you see my flats in the picture above?

They're such a good buy!  Less than $17 at Target, a great print and comfortable! 

Leopard is a neutral!  I am a total believer!

So there are a few things I'm Loving Lately.
How about you?  Anything I need to be checking out?

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