Chandler's daycare provider Kelley takes them to the library in Stanfield every Tuesday.  They usually do a craft or activity, read a book, and then check out books with their library cards.  During the summer, they have a whole program that Kelley gets the kids enrolled and active in.

God bless her - I love to read, and want my kids to love to read but by the time we get home, have dinner & do baths it seems like everyone is ready to crash and there's not a lot of time left.  That's where we feel really blessed & lucky that Kelley takes them to the library regularly, reads to them during the day, and helps them check books out. 

Chandler loves to "read" so I've been trying to keep something in the car for him to "read" during the half hour drive we have after I pick him up, and go into town to get Cal.  Usually that's a bull sale catalog, or lately a tractor sales magazine but this week I guess Chandler got to pick a prize at library, and his pick was *surprise, surprise* a book about tractors.  :)

So we "read" the tractor book, while holding our tractor, and pointing out the tractors along the road on the way home.  It works out well that we live in an agricultural community!

Thanks Kelley for helping make sure our little guy gets to read!


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