A list.

So I had full intentions of posting this weekend - I have pictures and some thoughts lined up, but it just hasn't happened.  So today - you get a list.  :)

Do what you can, with what you have - right?

1. I lost my office keys.  I won't name any names, but a sweet almost 2 year old was playing with them a week ago, and his distracted mama didn't watch where he put them.   I keep waiting for them to show up, but so far - nothing.  Luckily, our exterior office door has a keypad I can use to get in....but I need those keys to show up.


2. I've been baking lately,  I'm not a baker.  But Chandler comes running to get a step stool or chair when I go into the kitchen to do anything, so I've been trying to spend more time with him in the kitchen, and baking doesn't involve cooking over a stove (which is how I spend most of my time in the kitchen).  He is so darn cute, and I love that he gets so into it.  Grandma was here over the weekend, and so she helped us make pancakes Sunday. 

3. Cal has a cold.  Poor guy hasn't been feeling the greatest, but he's been a trooper and at least has been sleeping well.  The picture above on the left was taken Monday morning, and the one on the right last night.  Hopefully we can get him over that this week.

4.  Speaking of sleeping well, Chandler has not been.  I'm not sure what's up - I used to be able to give him a bottle, and lay him down in bed and he'd put himself to sleep.  For the last couple of nights, as soon as we walk into his bedroom he starts screaming/struggling/sobbing and won't stop.  I've tried letting him cry it out, I've tried adding a nightlight, I've tried feeding him more - and nothing has worked.  So he's slept with me the last two nights....

5. Because Clint is in California so there's plenty of room in our Cal King bed for him to sleep.  Chandler is a helicopter when he sleeps, and I normally don't let him sleep with us because it results in a foot in the face....but when Clint's gone it's a little different.

6. Mama is tired.  :)

7.  I got a new facewash.  I didn't really need one (I usually use these cloths from Costco) but I'd tried this Suki scrub as a sample and loved it....so when Costco came out with it last week, I added it to my cart.  If you're not a Costco member, you can also get it at Target.  (affiliate link)

The cleanser is like magic.  It has the texture of a scrub in the jar, but as you mix it in your hands, it foams and goes on your face so nicely.  It exfoliates (but not too much) and leaves my skin so soft.   It's not the best at taking eye makeup off, so I usually remove that first and then use the cleanser.

8. I lost my Fitbit in our irrigation ditch this summer, and have really missed having a watch on my wrist.  But as you know, I'm cheap and so I've been waiting for what I want to come along at a reasonable price, and when I saw this Fossil watch at Costco, I jumped on it.  It came Tuesday and I LOVE it.  I need to size down a few links, but other than that - it is a great weight, water resistant and timeless.

9. The Hermiston FFA Alumni Auction went really well!  We raised about $28,000 last Saturday - which is amazing for one night!  I just love how our community supports youth, and agriculture.  It really is a neat thing to be a part of.  I only took a few pictures before we started setting up - but we had great help and the gym really looked nice by the time the auction started!

10. I read this post about being spread thin, and I really related to it this week. 


Since 10 is a nice number, I'm ending it at that.  Hope you are having a great week, and living the dream!  If you need me....and the boys are asleep....well, I probably will be too.  :)


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