Time well spent.

50 degrees in November means you will find us outside.
Sunday, it was at the White Corrals hanging out with Clint while he set up to breed the Correa heifers.  Clint got home late Saturday night after AI'ing heifers in California for a week, so it was good to spend some time with Daddy.  Chandler doesn't miss too many opportunities to play in the breeding barn either.  ;)

I brought lunch from the Mexican restaurant in Stanfield (if you're local - try El Erradero - it's our fave!) and we had a little picnic in the back of the van.  Chandler was a fan of my pollo a la crema...Cal thought he needed some too!

While Clint finished stringing a set of lights, we played and just enjoyed the day.

I spent part of the weekend taking pictures of families....but was not very successful in taking them of my own, ha ha.  It was worth the try though.
(Good thing Grandma took our Christmas card picture last weekend!)


These sweet boys - they have my heart!
Their daddy does too. :)


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