Weekend Wrap Up - Hot Mess Edition

I'll just be honest....
Half of the time this weekend I felt like I was killing it as a mom....and half of the time, I felt like a hot mess.

Ha ha!

I took Thursday off to watch all four of the kiddos, since Kelley was on vacation and we really had a good day.  Clint headed to a bull sale, and in the interim our dog Dot ran off.  (We found out she's been running off to the grade school....that dog, she'll be the death of me.)  So I loaded all four kids in car seats in the van to try to find her, and as soon as I had all the car seats in and kids loaded, guess who showed up?


That dog. Ugh.  So since we were all loaded, I said we're going to town for a treat. So mama got a coffee,  and the kids got a cinaball from Taco Bell.

I know, classy. And as we were sitting in the drive thru, Taylor informed me that she had to go to the bathroom.

So we paid for our purchase,  divied out the cinaballs and headed to find a bathroom. I knew the park had one, where I could watch the kids in th me car and help Tay, and when in Rome....or near the park....we hit the slides.

One small melt down later, we were buckled back in and headed home for lunch & naps.  And as littles were waking up, we figured out how to add filters on my cell phone camera.  Ummm...this is EXCELLENT "quiet" entertainment. I highly recommend. ;)

Friday I ran auction errands while Chandler helped Clint sort and pick up a few heifers to have Bangs vaccinated.

Saturday morning we got in a few snuggles, took a few pictures of the Funks and then spent the rest of the day at the Echo/Stanfield FFA auction.

 Sunday we enjoyed the time change and had a low key morning and then Chandler showed the world that he is his mother's son...

Look who loves himself a Diet Pepsi?!?


The Hermiston FFA Alumni Auction is this Saturday so this will probably be my only post this week.....once it's over, life will calm down.  I enjoy volunteering....but early November is always nuts.

So if you need me, I'll be over here trying to be like a duck....calm on the surface and paddling like crazy underneath.

Happy Tuesday friends - live the dream!


  1. Cute pictures, I had to laugh...Tay of course has to go to the bathroom and melt down! Go figure!!


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