AI'ing at the Raymond's

Yesterday was my day off, so we loaded in the van and headed to Pilot Rock to help Clint AI a few cows and heifers for Ryan.  They had to gather the cows first - Trevor drove a flatbed with hay to lure them off the hill, and Clint was riding Twist and brought up the rear.  We couldn't help with that, so we hung out in the car, had a dance party and played with flashlights.

Cal's selfie game was strong yesterday.

Once the cows were in, we got our coats on and headed out to watch the guys sort.  There was a huge hill for Chandler to run up and down and he took full advantage of it.

The dance party we'd had in the van earlier wore Cal out and he slept thru the entire sorting process.
We got the colored patches sorted off, and went to the barn to breed them.  Trevor & Clint had a system, so we stayed out of the way and just tried to bring cattle/read ear tags if we could.

After the colored patches were bred, we grabbed lunch in town and waited for a few more cows to come in heat.  The time appointment was that evening, and with winter weather coming in the guys wanted to get the cows & calves back out on pasture before dark. 
On the way back from lunch, we stopped in to see how progress on the feedlot was going.
Ryan is busy building his new feedlot (they've made A LOT of progress in three weeks!) so while I wasn't a ton of help with the boys on the other side of the ranch where we were breeding, I think we were some help.  Ryan had helped the day before, but needed to focus on the feedlot so that's why the boys and I came out.  Some help is probably a very loose term here - the boys were kind of on their last straw by the time we started breeding silvers.  Poor Trevor got a fair dose of what it is like having two children under two, who are hungry and need a nap.  ;)
#prettydecentbirthcontrol  #andfree

I meant to take a picture of Cal - but my timer went off and I needed to load a gun.  He hung out in his car seat right at my feet, under the ledge where he was protected & warm.
The boys made it until about the last 8 cows and then the wheels totally fell off of the bus.  Cal needed to eat & be changed, and Chandler needed dinner - so we headed to the van, stripped off our warm clothes, scrounged up a Nutrigrain bar, applesauce pouch and snack bag of Oreos for Chan.
You can feel free to give me my "Mom of the Year" award anytime.
Chandler was still hungry even after the very nutritious dinner I fed him (said in my most sarcastic voice - but hey, at least it was something), so I gave him a pack of fruit snacks and fed Cal.  Both boys fell asleep (Chandler mid-fruit snack) right as Trevor & Clint were bringing the last two cows in and Ryan showed up after finishing up at the feedlot since it was dark.  They put cows away, and cleaned out the AI barn of anything that couldn't be out in the weather.
So there's a little look at a day of AI'ing in Eastern Oregon.  It looks a lot different with two boys in tow - and we weren't as much help as if I'd been flying solo - but we were spending time as a family (the most important thing), helping friends we think a lot of, and hopefully exposing our boys to ranch life.


  1. I would take that van meal any day! I am pretty sure those are 2 happy, healthy kiddos. They will appreciate hard work. Good job mom and dad!!


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