Over the hills, to Grandma's...

It's the Santa picture every mom dreams of.


We spent the weekend at the valley, with my mom. Clint was wrapping up AI projects in California, and a few friends had asked if I'd take their family picture so we made the trip over.

As I came into my mom's town Friday night there was a huge flashing road construction sign advertising pictures with Santa at the fire department. 

We were all in.

And then we saw the line, haha. 

I guess I'm spoiled....here on the East side of the state, our local photo shop does pictures with Santa, and the most you might wait in line is 10 minutes....and that'd be a long wait. Usually you just walk in, they get the picture and away you go.

So Grandma took one for the team, and stayed in line with Cal while I took Chan around to look at the fire trucks.

An hour and a half later, we were towards the front of the line when the wheels started coming off of the bus. ;) Chan needed lunch and a nap, but we'd paid and made it happen.  I got in one, just so he'd actually look at the camera.

Notice the "mom arm" keeping him up on the fire truck and in the picture....instead of slithering away from Santa! ;)

Poor Chan man.  But he was also totally fine once he was off of the truck, away from Santa and in mama's arms.  :)

Then we dropped Grandma off and headed to Salem to have lunch with a few OSU friends.  It was great to see Karen and Kathy, and Chandler had a ball playing in the McD's play area.

I wanted to sneak in this picture too - when we first went to the fire station that morning, we couldn't even find a parking spot and both boys had just drifted off to sleep, so we ran into Newberg and went by my old high school.  It's changed a little, but is still good old NHS - Go Tigers!

If only I were as skinny in this picture as I was in high school!

After lunch in Salem, we met up with Jo and did her family pictures, and then headed back to my mom's for dinner with Lindsay and Henry.

Sunday I did a few more pictures for friends (I'll post later, after Christmas cards are out :) ) and then we headed home!

Cal was ready to be there...my kids travel well, but Cal was having a tough night Sunday so we stopped a lot.  Like at every rest stop, and park between The Dalles and Hermiston.

That's right - Celilo, Rufus, Arlington & Boardman.

Just one of those things you do as a mom. :)

How about you - did you have a good weekend? Any good Santa picture stories?


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