Weekend Wrap Up.

It's 8:14 pm on Sunday night as I start to type this...and even though it was a three day weekend for myself, it seemed to fly by.
Friday, Clint had a surgery in the morning and so I dropped him off at the hospital, took the boys to daycare and then went back to sit with him.  His was just a routine deal, and when a child went ahead of him in the surgery line up we knew it'd be a bit so I ran home and watered the cows and took patches & GnRH over to Double M.

It was frosty on Friday!  But luckily Clint had everything set up for me, and the hoses were thawed in the water trough ready to be hooked up so that didn't take any time at all.
Clint's surgery went well, and by noon he was home and resting.  I tried to get a few things done around the house and then went to pick up the boys.  We ran a few errands in town (to let Clint have some quiet at home) and then went home for a quiet dinner.
Saturday, the boys were up EARLY.  Lol - it's hard to tell a 5 month old and almost 2 year old that they don't have to wake up at 4:20 am on the weekend.  ;)  We hung out, made a good breakfast, and then I ran over to take pictures of a family before the boys and I went to Pendleton for the UCCA meeting.   We enjoyed having lunch with that group, and then ran out to Pilot Rock to pick up Clint who had driven in with Ruben to get set up to AI heifers for Broken Spur.
We hadn't made plans to go to the UCCA Ball, since Clint didn't think he'd be up for it - but he was feeling good enough Saturday night that he went in and I stayed home.  I hadn't lined up a sitter for the boys, and we could have gone (I would have liked to) - but chasing after them just didn't sound fun for me, and since I'd seen everyone at lunch, I stayed home and Clint went in.
The boys and I ate a quick dinner (steamed broccoli & Mac & Cheese - fancy I know ;) )  and then we did baths early and loaded up to go look at Christmas lights.

Sunday was a fun day in Chandler's book - he got to help drive Scoopy.  The cows needed more hay, so Clint took care of that when he got home from AI'ing and then we took the boys into town to see Santa Claus.

They both did well, but were sleepy from naps (or needing a nap in Chandler's case) and so while we didn't get big grins - I think we got happy boys.  And that's a win in my book.  When we got home, I tried to take a few pictures of them in their outfits, but herding cats might have been easier. :)

The rest of the night was pretty low key.  Clint ran back out to Pilot Rock to breed and I put the boys down early, and got chores done around the house. 
I may be having a bit of envy seeing everyone's pictures at the NFR, and memories pop up on Facebook (Clint & I got engaged Dec. 9 at the NFR in 2009) but our day will come again when we'll go and let the boys enjoy the rodeo too.  :)
Did you have a good weekend? 
Hope you're living the dream!


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