A slow weekend.

For a lot of years, we went hard every weekend, all weekend long.  

And it's because of that, that we savor (and enjoy!) these slow weekends so much.

It was a long weekend for me this weekend (I didn't have to work Friday), but Clint was still in Red Bluff - so we spent the morning doing chores & running errands so we could spend time with Clint on Saturday.  He was home for a day, and then left again for a week in Montana yesterday.

8 and her bull calf are doing good!  We kept them inside until she cleaned (and Clint wanted to doctor her since I had to pull her calf) so she got fed & watered, and then we headed to town to do recycling and get momma a coffee.  :)


Chandler is showing daddy where the "moo's" are.  :)  He loves pointing cows out and saying "Moo!  Moo!". 

I like to send Clint pictures of the boys when he's gone, and sometimes he gets a  blurry selfie with me in it too.  :)

Clint got home really late Friday, so we slept in - if sleeping until 6:00 is sleeping in.  ;)  I tried this pancake recipe but used lemon juice instead of vinegar since I had a few lemons to use up and also used self rising flour since that's what I had....the texture of the pancakes was good, but I need to try them with regular flour (and according to the recipe) to see if the taste is better.

After breakfast, Clint loaded the feeders for both the fall and spring cows, and the boys played while I watched them and helped cut strings.  It was nice to get this done - I won't have to feed at all this week, and all Casen has to feed is alfalfa to the fall cows on Tuesday & Thursday this week.


Between Friday and Sunday - I think we pulled every toy that the boys own out, and even some that I had hidden like the blocks above.  :)

If we weren't outside doing chores, we were inside just enjoying being home together as a family of four.  :)  I did a little grocery shopping Sunday afternoon after Clint left but otherwise, we were home!

Cal got to sit in the front of the cart for the first time - he did SO well! 

And Chandler got to sit on a cube of Diet Pepsi, lol.  He thought he was BIG stuff!

How was your weekend?

Hope you're living the dream!


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