AI'ing at 7UP

We ended 2017 like we end a lot of years....breeding cows on December 31.

Isn't that how everyone celebrates NYE?!?  :)

I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day.

Terry & Debby moved their cows up a full cycle, so instead of breeding the third week of January, we bred the cows Saturday & Sunday, and the heifers on Monday.  That worked out well for me - I normally have to take vacation time to AI, but since it was over the holiday all I had to do was show up!

Jen & Clete came over from the valley, and their daughter watched Chandler at our house with their other kids.  Cal came with me, and snoozed in the car seat at my feet.

We bred 200+ individually mated cows in a little over 2 hours each morning, and used mostly Main Event & Tahoe, along with a little bit of Prestigious - all Select Sires bulls.  RJ, Tyler & Jen bred; Clint & I thawed while Terry & Debby read tags & relayed matings.  Clint had set up a double barn set up the day before we started; using our Y, alley bows & panels and cattle came smoothly and stood well before coming into the barn. Clete barred cattle for our barn and Kevin, Terry, Ruben & Amanda sorted cattle in the back and brought them to the alleys.

- Setting up before the project -

And minus one small glitch on Sunday morning....things just clicked along.

Watch the video to see what set us back 15 minutes on Sunday, ha ha.

It was a great couple of days, spent with good people, doing something we all love. 

Success is reason enough!


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