AI'ing at Muleshoe.

Once we were done AI'ing heifers at 7-UP this past weekend in the mornings, we grabbed lunch at home and then the crew headed to breed heifers for Dick at Muleshoe.

We bred the heifers at Dick's lot where he develops and calves his heifers, and there wasn't room to get an AI barn in so Tyler & Jen bred in the chute, and Clint thawed for them.  The boys & I just came for a bit on one afternoon, and watched and took a few pictures.  Cal stayed snuggly warm in the front pack, and Chandler got to play with an extra AI gun his daddy gave him.

Dick has a great crew of three guys who I think two are brothers (if not all three), and have been there for quite a while. They did a great job bringing the cattle and running the chute, while Dick kept records.

 I love visiting with our older farmers & ranchers, as I have a handful I work with at my office who are really knowledgeable about the area and historical farming practices.  Dick is one of those guys - he's been involved in ranching & farming in Umatilla County since 1944, when his dad moved the family here from a small town in Washington.  We were talking about advancements in the cattle industry after we were done breeding, and he noted how many things have changed in the last 50 years....and that he's kind of glad he won't be alive after the next 50 to see what else happens.  Change is hard, and while Dick's kept up - he said he wouldn't want to for another 50 years.  :)

This is the first year we AI'ed for Dick, and I thought it showed a lot that someone of his generation was willing to try something new.  He has a great set of cattle he's built over the years, and it will be fun the see the calves he has next fall!

Success is reason enough!


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