Chandler's 2nd Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Chandler!
We had so much fun celebrating your birthday!
Saturday, we picked up Jory and my mom who had driven over, and we headed into the fun gym in town.....

I asked these two for a picture and they both immediately started hugging.
So sweet.


They were still kind of little to play in the bouncy houses, but we would put them on the top of the slide and they would go down....Jory especially loved this!
They played, and then we went to McDonald's for lunch since that is Chandler's favorite place to eat.
Then we came home to eat birthday cake & take naps!

Sunday we slept in, Chandler got to ride in the skidsteer (tractee!) with Clint and feed cows, and we had cake & presents before eating a cheese pizza lunch - Chan's favorite.

It was a great weekend, celebrating our new 2 year old!

We love you Chandler!


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