Charolais babies.

We had a few more calves this week!
 I was joking at work, all we needed was for Clint to head to Red Bluff (Select Sires had a booth at the sale) so that our heifers could start calving.  ;)  Which they did.  All in all, I think things went ok.  I ended up pulling a dead, backwards bull twin (the other twin bull was born alive and is healthy) but other than that calving has been going ok.
It's so fun to go out and see the calves bucking around!  I went home at lunch (and took some extra vacation time) to check each day this week, and one day I took my camera with me and captured a few pictures.



Are you calving?  How are things going in your neck of the woods?


  1. Looks like you are busy, Darcy! Babies, babies everywhere. The picts make it look like your weather is cooperating. Good Luck with the rest of your calving season!

    Our first calf heifers are due the end of February. We had our January Thaw last week. We had temps get up in the 40's. One morning it was 30 when we went to chore. This morning 7* with flurries.

    1. I bet it was nice to have a warm up! Good luck with calving! We've had unseasonably warm weather here, but I'm not complaining. :)


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