Weekend wrap up.

Happy Monday!

We're furloughed at work due to the government shut down, so I thought I'd post a few pictures this morning while my kids are still at daycare.

And then I'm going to go grocery shopping ALL.BY.MYSELF before I pick them up at lunch.

#allthepraisehands  #unexpectedvacation

We had a fun weekend.  Friday I picked up the boys, and since they were both at Kelley's that day we were home before 5:30 and had some time to play before I made dinner.  Cal is getting big enough now he can roll around and reach for things.  Kelley had spiked both of the boy's hair and Cal looked so darn cute!

 After dinner, I needed to pick up my van from the dealership after an oil change.  Since it was Friday, we partied with Slurpees!

Saturday we got up early and headed to Madras.  Clint was giving a presentation at the Jefferson County Cattlemen's meeting and we tagged along.  Chandler took the opportunity to sleep in as long as possible, but Cal was up bright and early and hung out with me in the bathroom while I got ready.

Once Chan was up, the boys both got baths and as soon as Clint got home from AI'ing repeats at 7UP we took off for Madras.  We dropped Clint off at his meeting and headed to McDonalds for lunch and an hour of running around the Playland.

And then we still needed to kill more time, so we checked out all of the panels & set ups Central OR Ranch Supply had on display.  I think Chandler liked this more than the Playland.  :)


After the meetings were over, we ran out to the Gohr's to say hi and then went back in for the dinner.  We sat with Mike & Becky and enjoyed a great steak dinner.  They had a really good turnout and almost every seat was full - we got lucky, and found an extra chair so Clint could sit at the end of the table.  It was cool to see so many people come out and support their annual dinner.  We wanted to get home that night though, so made an quiet exit after the meal and headed for home.

We slept in Sunday morning and hung out at the house in our PJ's.  Clint fed in the afternoon, and Chandler loved getting to help drive.  I liked getting out and seeing the new calves running around and playing - they were feeling good yesterday!

Anyone care for lime jello with peanuts?

It was a great weekend!  Hope the same was true for you too!


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