Grandma Pat & A Haircut.

My mom came over to visit us this weekend.  We sure enjoy having her here - we didn't do anything special, just errands and hanging out at home.
Chandler wanted to paint, and my mom helped him out while Clint took a few phone calls and Cal played in the living room.

My poinsettia from Christmas is going strong and is hanging out with our Valentine's Day treats.  The holidays never end at the Sexson household.  ;)

Saturday night before baths my mom cut Chandler's hair.  I was running the Dyson at first, but he wanted to and did a REALLY good job, so we let him.  My mom would run the clippers through his hair and then set it out so he could reach, and he'd turn the Dyson on (no attachment), suck up the hair and then turn it off.  This kept him really occupied and still - win!

Towards the end, we took his shirt off and used the carpet attachment to suck all of the hair off of his back before we put him in the bath.  I just love his hair short and clean cut - thank you Grandma for the haircut!
We also spent some time at the playground, and did a little grocery shopping and errands while my mom was here.

Pretty fun!
Thanks mom for driving over and spending time with us - we love you!


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