Sleeping in their own room.

Our big win this weekend was that Chandler started sleeping in his own twin bed, and Calvin is sleeping in his crib.

You know, it's funny - before you have kids, you judge people for doing certain things and you don't even realize you're doing it.   I always told myself that I wouldn't ever let my kids sleep with me full time....and now I'd invite you to look at our life for the last three months, lol.  I posted about this, but late in the fall Chandler would start SCREAMING when I put him in his crib - it didn't matter if he was awake or asleep, if he was asleep as soon as I laid him down he'd wake up and start sobbing uncontrollably.  So I get that there are battles to pick in parenting, and making Chandler sleep in his crib at that point wasn't one I was going to pick.  Plus Clint travels a lot, so it just became easier to let Chandler sleep with me then fight the battle.

However - Chandler is a maniac/helicopter/kicker/snuggler when he sleeps, and so I knew we needed to transition him to his twin bed.  For our sanity.  :) I'd purchased the side rail, got the sheets - and then our dogs started laying on the twin bed in their room and so we had to teach them (errr, scold them, lol) not to lay there and then finally this weekend all of the stars aligned (and my patience was prepared) and Chandler slept in his bed.  The first night Clint laid with him until he fell asleep, and last night he put himself to sleep without anyone laying with him.

We'll see how long it lasts - I've heard a lot of stories about kids getting out of bed, etc - but for now, I hope we just continue down the road we've started.

This last week was also when Cal started to roll over and began to pull himself up out of the pack n play bassinet we have next to our bed.  I knew that my time in that was limited, so I started having Cal take naps in the crib and then he started sleeping in there at night too.  Cal is an excellent sleeper, and so I knew that once he got used to the mattress (vs the swaying motion the hanging bassinet provided) he'd be in good shape.

The boys both sleep in the same room right now, but I'm not sure how long that will last.....last night Chandler woke Cal up at 12:30, and then woke Cal up again at 4:30 so we'll see.  If Cal will eat enough at night before he goes down, he will sleep from 7:30 pm until 4:30 or 5:00 am and I would like to keep that routine if at all possible.  Of course we'll see what happens when he starts teething again.  ;)  But if Chandler keeps waking Cal up, I will move the crib into our guest room - but that involves dissembling and re-assembling the crib and I'm not really looking forward to that so we're going to try both of them in the same room for a week, knowing it will be a transition period and then go from there.

I thought I'd share a few things that we're using that I think are economical and just work for us.

We have doubles of all of the below in anticipation of Cal & Chandler sharing a room for awhile.

This bed is sturdy, inexpensive ($80 total for each bed) and the slats make it lower to the ground versus having a box spring & mattress for little kids to climb up on.  We've used them as guest beds for 5 years, and they are great for adults too!

Twin mattress
We always buy whatever Costco has in stock, they're usually around $90 and great quality!

I just ordered these but the reviews are great!  I'd love to not have to take off and wash a mattress pad cover and these look super simple to replace and wash - and the reviews all note that they don't curl and lay flat even after washing.

Twin sheets - We have the Geo Denim & Pacific patterns
These sheets feel extra luxurious, go on super sale a few times a year, and are extra deep so they are a breeze to put on!

My favorite $17 inexpensive monitor.

Nothing above is affiliate - just sharing what works for us!

Please let me know if you have any tips!  I'm all ears.  :)


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