These are the days.


I don't know if it's because Cal has progressed so much physically in the last couple of weeks (sitting up, able to be put down on the ground and be content playing, etc.) or because Chandler moved up to a 4T in pajamas - but the days seem to be zipping by and my babies are growing into boys.

Which is all good - and the point, right?

We as parents are here to raise hard working, capable adults who contribute to our society.

And to do that - they have to grow up.

But before they grow up, I am really trying to make an effort to enjoy the days where we stay home and play.  Or the little things our boys do that I just love - like how right now Chandler loves to kiss his momma or blow a kiss to his daddy.

Open mouth, with a BIG "MUUAAH" and sweet grin afterwards.

Or how sweet Cal is when he wakes up in the morning cooing, and breaks out into the biggest smile when you pick him up out of his bassinet.

These are the days.

And yes - there are days (every day it feels like) that I pick up all of the toys at night....only for them to be strewn out tomorrow.
Or that I carry a baby on the hip - and make dinner at the same time.
How Clint or I will snuggle Chandler - as he stays up until 9:30 pm.
And how we'll watch "BOB" again (and again)..... I'll catch up on those other shows (or sleep) another time.
How I gladly pass the flashlight back so Chandler can check the "moo's".

Even on those days - when you're tired and worn out....
And the "grumpy" mom. 
You're still the mom they love.


These are the days friends - the sweet, sweet days.


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