Weekend wins.

Oh friends - we had such a good weekend, full of so many wins.


A fresh haircut by Grandma for Chandler - he looks so handsome!

A new queso!

The new Tillamook sauce starters are SO good!  We tried the queso first - and just made it as a dip.  It was creamy, super easy and quick to make and even good re-heated!  I want to try the alfredo next.


Brothers playing.  They just love each other.  :)

Christmas from the Stumpff's.


Errands ran.

Taxes turned in. (!!!!)

Guys - we haven't done taxes before April 15 since 2012! This is a huge win for me - it was my February goal to have it off my plate and it feels so good to have them turned in.


Birthday fun.

Cows fed.

Life well lived.

It was really a good weekend.  Really, truly.  :) 


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