Weekend wrap up - trying to raise workers.

Our oldest LOVES to be outside.  If we're putting on a jacket, or opening the door - he instantly jumps up and says "I go! I go!".

Yesterday we needed to fill the cow's feeders with hay, and Clint thought about doing it during nap time but waited until the boys were up so they could go too.  Of course, that's when the wind kicked up too - but such is life in Eastern Oregon.

We fed cows, and checked in on the new Charolais heifer calf 104 had yesterday. 

Other than chores, we just laid low this weekend.   I really wanted to take the boys to see The Greatest Showman, but it isn't playing locally anymore and I didn't know if I was brave enough to take two boys to the theater by myself.  (Clint didn't get home until late Saturday night.)  So we ran errands instead and we went to a new to us playground Saturday - actually twice, it was that good!  One of our local elementary schools has a little playground in the front of it that is fenced, but the gate wasn't locked so we checked it out.  It was perfect for Chandler - he could do everything and not get hurt.  I appreciated that it had shredded rubber footing, and a fence so that I could relax and just let Chandler run.  We'll definitely go back - although just on the weekends because we'd probably get a few funny looks if we went during the school day.  Ha ha.  :)

  Cal & I did the slide a few times, but mostly we just hung out and watched Chandler burn some energy.  We did put Cal in the swing at home though, and he loves that!

After feeding cows, we watched the Super Bowl and I have to say, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would!  It was a good game and all four quarters were worth watching.  JT's half time show was ok - we had a little dance party and then I finished up dinner.

How was your weekend?


  1. Darcy,
    From your pictures I'm guessing the temperature is not below zero. I seem to forget that your winter weather is mild compared to ours.

    Yea for chore time and a new playground.

    Nothing exciting around here last weekend. Mostly holding down the fort and feeding cattle.

    We thought about having neighbors over to watch the Super Bowl, but the local NBC and DirecTv were in a dispute. At noon on Sunday J was flipping through the channels and NBC was back on the air. I hope they got their dispute settled for long enough that we can watch the Olympics.

    I like your new blog header.


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