Calvin - 9 months.

Calvin David Dean

You are 9 months old!

You have 5 teeth (two on the bottom, three on top), weigh 22 pounds, wear a size 3 diaper and 12 month clothing.



Sweet boy - you are SUCH a good baby, and turning into quite the little ham!!!

You love your brother, and being outside with him. With the spring weather, we try to spend at least 30 minutes outside after work and daycare and you are always game.  You love playing, eating, and being held.  You don't mind being on the road, like to go on walks in the stroller, and you made it through your first long AI project (where you were awake the entire time) this spring. 

The big news is you started crawling this month!

And you started waving and holding your bottle.  You are so good at both of these things and your wave is just the sweetest!  You've also handled teething like a champ, and you sleep consistently thru the night from 8:30 - 4:30....unlike your brother.  ;)

This is the month that your appetite really turned on too.  You love to eat ALL OF THE THINGS.  Yogurt, cereal bars, avocado, mac & cheese, pasta, hamburger, BBQ beans, mashed potatoes, eggs, toast, sweet potato, potstickers, broccoli, squeezy pouches of fruit - you are game!  A lot of time, you eat more than your brother, and that is hard to do!

You love bath time, and I've started to set you in at the beginning because you LOVE playing in the water as it streams in.  Like, we start taking off your clothes to get in and you are jumping around in excitement so much it's hard to get you undressed!


Cal - we love you buddy, and your dad & I are so thankful for you.
Keep being you!


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