Easter egg hunts, AI and weekend wins.

We had SUCH a nice weekend!

The weather was gorgeous, we were outside, I got housework done early so we could play and we got to spend an entire day on the road with Clint.

Friday I thought we were going to go to Joseph to help breed heifers, but Krebs' had a bunch come in early so Clint & Tyler headed up Thursday night and the boys and I ended up staying home.  That meant Thursday night was low key and we hung out, and did crazy things like drink seltzer water & take selfies.  ;)

Friday we ran errands, fed cows and got things done around the house so that when Clint got home, we could go to an Easter egg hunt at our local elementary school. 


The Stanfield 4th of July had a spaghetti dinner fundraiser before hand, and so we went and the Carnine family were there too.  Chandler flipped out when he saw "Ay Yay" and Taylor, and they had a blast together.  Chandler hadn't napped at ALL that day, and was borderline delirious, but he hung in there and when they finally let all of the kids go hunt eggs.....he ran right for the slide!  Lol, it was so funny - he had NO desire to hunt eggs, and just wanted to play. 

Saturday we were up bright & early, and out the door by 6:10 am to go breed heifers.  I'm going to do a separate post on that later this week, but it was fun spending the day as a family doing something we all enjoy.


Sunday was spent at home getting things done - Clint's gone all of this week, so we needed to get some cattle work done.  We took down calving pens, and put in the squeeze chute; Clint put CIDR's in and gave the second round of vaccines; and we loaded up all of the feeders.  We had to run to Home Depot to pick up some pipe fittings so I don't have to worry about water, and the boys had a ball in the car cart.

Since Chandler had so much fun at the playground Friday night, I took him back Sunday and we wrapped up the night with sliding.

It was a FUN weekend, spent with family and just doing things that filled my love tank.

We're living the dream. 

It's a busy dream, but it's filled with love and laughter and friends and family and cattle and Starbucks.

Yup, 100% living the dream.  :)  Hope the same is for you!


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