Home Depot Workshop & the Weekend

Oh Monday.

Anyone else struggle with getting out of bed this morning, ha ha?

I actually slept thru my alarm - but never fear, I also have an 8 month old who woke me up and needed a bottle at 4:18 am so I was only 8 minutes behind. ;)

We had a great weekend! We went to the kid's workshop at Home Depot on Saturday and Chandler got to build a periscope. I wasn't sure how he'd do, since he's only 2 but he LOVES to hammer things at home, and it's free, so we gave it a shot. Home boy was a FAN. And the guys driving the fork lifts in the aisle over was icing on Chandler's cake.


I went and got a haircut and sorely needed color afterwards and then hit up a garage sale after since Clint had the boys....and I scored a new pair of Les Schwab snow chains for $5!  I don't know what tire size they are, ha ha, but I figured for $5 if they don't fit my car or van which each have different sized tires, then I was only out $5.  ;)

Clint wanted to do some weed maintenance around the fences when I got home, and it was nice enough that we all headed out.  Chandler rode with Clint in the skidsteer for a while, but when he realized I had goldfish crackers, he chose to hang out with me for awhile.

Sunday we headed out to Pilot Rock to see the Raymond clan and the boys had a GREAT time playing out there.  They have made HUGE progress on the sale barn and they are on target to have a bull sale there this Friday, March 9!


Amy was getting "Barb" used to the building - the boys halter broke her and are selling her in the sale - she's a good one!

 We came home to A440 calving, but she was dinking around and wouldn't lay down so I put her in the alley and then called Clint (who was still in PR) and he came home to pull her.  A new bull calf with a bottle & a half of milk in him was how we ended the evening.

We're living the dream - hope you are too!


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