Life lately.

Here's a little look at life lately - nothing too major or exciting.


When did Cal get old enough to ride by himself????

Seriously.  When?

8 months has flown by - but it is SO FUN to see these two play together.  They genuinely just love each other.  Chandler still doesn't quite know what is too much for Cal so we have to keep a pretty close eye on them (like Chandler would want to push Cal on the tractor, not realizing he can't keep balanced on the go) but it's never aggressive.

I told Clint he was speaking my love language last Sunday.  He looked at me like I was crazy, but I really meant it.  We were spending time together as a family, we were headed to see friends (Hi Raymonds!) and we had Starbucks and Papa Murphy's.  A lot of my favorite things all in a two hour span.

Bath time is always a win at our house.  7:00 pm rolls around and we hit the water for a low stress 20 minute period of tractors, cups, splashing and suds.

Cal will always give me a smile....Chandler is usually too busy with his tractor.  :)

Oh my gosh - I had to take a picture before I wiped this sweet boy up.  We had gone thru McDonald's in Tri-Cities and then parked so I could feed Cal while Chandler drank his drink & played.  He got into my glove box, which is no big deal but I didn't realize I had a tube of lipstick in there and before I knew it - he had it all over.  He knew what to do with it though, I have to give him credit there, lol.

So that's a little look at life lately - on our toes so we can keep our boys alive, haha but always fun!


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