Spring evenings.

I don't know that I've ever loved Spring, as much as I love this Spring.


Our boys LOVE being outside, and where we don't get home until 5:30 pm, the extra daylight is SO nice!  Even if it is brisk, we throw coats on and go play for at least 15 minutes.

We either swing, ride in the Little Tikes cars (thanks Grandma & Craigslist!), go for a walk, or scoop dirt with tractors.

Sometimes it's a combination of all of the above.  :)

I'm trying to get back in the habit of taking pictures with my camera, so I thought I'd post these from last week.  I wish I had a picture of Cal driving the Little Tikes pink car I push him in, but he's not quite steady enough in that I trust myself to get away from him (for the picture) yet....but he LOVES "driving" it.

And we love making these boys happy.

And this might be one of my favorite pictures of Chandler...it's so "him" right now.



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