Weekly wins.


This week FLEW by and I'm wrapping up this post on my way home from the Rollin' Rock Bull Sale.  We were excited for our friends Ryan & Amy to host their bull sale with partners Beau & Kristen and Bill & Jennifer.  They did a ton of work getting ready to host this sale in a brand new facility, and sell bulls through the ring that they developed themselves in a new feedlot.  Ryan & Amy are detailed oriented, work hard and are great friends; we were excited for them to have a tremendous sale

Katie said she wouldn't be in a selfie. ..but I caught her looking. :)

This morning before I headed out to the sale, I jotted down a few wins from this week....

Chandler & His Hat.
Chandler thinks wearing a hat is so fun.  I think this is because when he helps Clint feed cows, Clint puts a hat on him and is also wearing a hat.  He adores Clint and so of course he loves getting to look just like him.  When Chandler is wearing a hat, he always points to his head and says "Nee, Nee" (me, me) and he wants you to see that he's wearing a hat like dad.  Tuesday morning I had a dentist appointment in the morning, so we left the house a little later than normal so Chandler got dressed at home (I normally take him to Kelley's in PJ's and she dresses him) and Clint was home so Chandler got to choose a hat to wear.  He was STOKED.

Home boy likes a bink.  ;)
When I picked him up later, Kelley said he wore his hat proudly all day.

Time with the Boys.
Monday night when I got home from work & picked up the boys, it was still light out so we grabbed snacks & bundled up to check on A440 and her calf.  Playing in the barn is one of Chandler's favorite things to do so he was thrilled to head out. 

Clint had pulled A440's calf Sunday night - he probably could have waited, but she was dinking around and it was getting late - I tell people that we take raising cows seriously, but it's not our livelihood.  I had seen her break her water while she was up at the feeder (versus laying down getting serious about having a calf, ha ha) when I'd gotten home so I penned her in the alley to see if she'd lay down and get serious.  She didn't so since it was late and had been an hour or so since her water broke, Clint just got her in to check her and ended up just pulling her calf.  She had a nice bull calf and has been really gentle with all of us around her.

Clint was in Baker looking thru the Harrell & Thomas bulls on Monday and wasn't going to be home until late that night.  He said he'd check her when he got home, but I wanted to help him out so we just headed out to fill her water, feed her some hay and make sure the calf had sucked.  I was pretty sure he had, but she has a lot of milk and I wanted to make sure so we put her in the calving stall and let her calf suck for awhile. 

People make fun of Charolais cattle for not having milk....I'd invite them to come see A440, ha ha.  We cull pretty heavily for milk production; in fact Clint pulled calves off of and shipped two first calf heifers last week who calved and didn't milk enough for him.  I was joking with him that after having a baby (and going thru the frustrations of nursing) that I felt for the heifers, but they still went down the road.  Luckily I didn't get shipped after nursing & supplementing Chandler or Calvin with bottles.  ;) 

#thankgoodnessforformula  #fedisbest

While I was working on A440 and her calf, Chandler was working on pushing hay around with his fork and Calvin hung out in the stroller eating Ritz crackers.  I got done and let them out, and then "helped" Chandler push hay over to the pair.

That's just a little look at our week.  I'm looking forward to the sale today, a run to Costco tomorrow (did you see my post Wednesday???) and then a quiet day at home Sunday as we *hopefully* can adjust to Daylight Savings.


How was your week?  What were your wins? 

Leave a comment by Friday, March 16 and I'll choose one person to send them a little something to at the end of next week.


  1. I loved the comment about shipping the heifers down the road! You have pretty amazing helpers!


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