Bubbles & sunshine.

I feel like a broken record sometimes; but if a broken record sounds thankful & appreciative then I'll be that all day long.  I am just enjoying these days with my family and I feel like right now we have a good balance of working hard, and then playing hard.

Clint, Morgan & Tyler bred for five different ranches this weekend in seven different locations. The boys & I helped at 5 different locations and I learned that I can thaw straws and watch the boys; but I can't do those two things and take a lot of pictures.  I did take a few on Clint's phone at the very end of the last day at Krebs' so I'll try to post those later this week when I have a chance to transfer them.

The mornings this weekend were all spent AI'ing, and then the boys & I took care of errands & played at home in the afternoons.  It was a really nice balance and made the weekend a lot of fun.  Sometime this weekend when we were in town running errands (is it bad that I've thought a lot about it, and I can't remember what day?) we ran into Walmart to pick up a few things and Chandler spotted the bubbles, so for $4 we stocked up on a lot of fun.  :) 

At the end of the weekend, we have about a cup of bubbles left and I figure it was $4 really well spent.

We also broke out the water table on Friday and Cal LOVED it!!!  He is as much of a water baby as Chandler is, and I sat him backwards on his little car and pushed it up to the table, and that way he could play and didn't have to work at holding himself up too.

The boys soaked their shirts playing, and all of my flowers got watered by Chandler who would fill up his bottle in the table and then turn around to water.  :)

We also had a chance to run to Westwinds Nursery (locals, you HAVE to shop there - Sheila has the BEST stuff right now!!!) and picked up a few flowers to put in my patio pots.  I've been waiting for it to be warm enough to plant sweet potato vines, and they had a little wagon that was the perfect size for Chandler to pull around.  I was trying to travel light, so I didn't take my phone with me but I wish I would have - Chandler loved pulling the wagon down the rows of flowers excitedly pointing to them and saying "More, Mama - more!".  We'd choose a few to buy, and he'd make space in the little wagon and place them so gently in there.  We made three laps around the entire greenhouse because he was LOVING it there.  I thought for sure we'd have a melt down when it was time to put the wagon away, but Sheila gave Chandler a bag of popcorn and he couldn't get buckled into his car seat fast enough to eat it.  All the way home he kept saying over & over - "I got popcorn!  Thank you mama!".  Thank you Sheila for the great customer service!!!

And I'm not trying to pit one business against another, but I ran into Home Depot to price some pipe and we had a race car cart so I made a lap around the entire store (because hello content and happy children!) and while Home Depot had some nice flowers, I really felt like Westwinds had a better variety (and better quality) and similarly priced. 

So that was our weekend in a nut shell....AI, errands, sunshine, bubbles, water, laughter and fun.

I cleaned the house a little too, did a few loads of laundry and got a trip to Costco squeezed in - which Costco has Paw Patrol fruit snacks which Chandler lost his mind over.  Ha ha - we obviously purchased them, and Chandler carried them all the way to the line.  And at the end of the weekend, my house could be cleaner, but my heart couldn't be more full and I'll take that over floors that shine.

Happy Monday friends - hope you're living the dream!


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