Friday Favorites.

Happy Friday!!!!

It's my long week at work so this "Friday Favorites" post is going to be quick since I need to get out the door, the boys to Kelley's and myself to Starbucks in time for an iced quad shot before work.  :)

Just a few things I've been loving this week!

Plants from Costco!
Friends - I have never really been a "plant person" but as I have gotten older, I realize the value that a bit of something green & living can bring into a space. I started bringing greenery into my office at work, but was hesitant to buy something for at home, because....well, I have two boys that are 2 and under.  :)

I've been wanting a fiddle leaf fig tree for probably a year now, but couldn't choke the $100+ price tag for one.  Well - Costco got them in last week for $59 (!!!) and I knew they wouldn't stay in stock so I bit the bullet and bought one....they went out of stock early this week, but when I checked today they are back!!!  We'll see if the boys leave it alone - I figured if they don't, I'll just take it to my office for a few years until I can bring it back home safely.  LOL!

Find all of the Costco Plants here - I have the Money Tree & Alocacia in my office, and then the Ficus at home (below) and love all three!  I think my favorite part is the plant comes in a nice pot, so I don't have to worry about finding a pot that's big enough, repotting, making sure it won't leak, etc.  They're shipped well, and if something happens (like a pot comes in broken, like mine did on the tree below) Costco makes it right!

Isn't it so pretty!  I can't wait to see it grow.  Let's all say a prayer that I don't kill it.  ;)

Tip: I always check the "What's New" section at every Monday.  It's updated weekly Monday morning, and it's an easy way to see what is new without having to click on every section.

Matching T-Shirts for the Boys

Hi, my name is Darcy and I have a problem.  I love to buy matching shirts for my boys.

We do not need any new clothes for our boys - we have been gifted a FABULOUS set of hand me downs from our friends the Funks, but when I go into Target I just can't help myself!!!!

Their Cat & Jack line is so soft, so durable, washes beautifully and comes in sizes 12 months - 5T!!!  So many stores only carry matching lines in size 2T-5T so it's hard to find things for Cal (now in 18 mo) and Chandler (in 4T) but Target solves that problem!

Aren't they just the sweetest???

Time Outside.

I have been LOVING our weather this month!!!!  Cool mornings, and 75* evenings with a breeze are my JAM!!!

Don't look at my house (well, you can see the dusty floors and open dresser drawers that need organizing in the fiddle leaf picture above, lol) because if we have an extra 15 minutes you will find us spending it outside!

Our love for Costco continues in this picture!  ;) Tuesday night I couldn't figure out what all of these huge boxes were that UPS was dropping off (our UPS comes around 6 pm) but realized that now Clint is stocked with paper towels for the rest of the AI season!

Spring is here - our Maple went from bare sticks to the above in a week!

I'm linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika this week & their Friday Favorites series!

I hope you all have had a great week! 

We're headed into the weekend AI'ing cows (surprise, surprise, lol) and having an afternoon at home on Sunday to catch up and maybe get a nap!


  1. You should not have told me about the What's New tab! I have a Costco card because of the flower shop, but I have never really embraced it to its full potential yet... And YES to that fiddle leaf fig tree! I am always in awe of Andrea of Momfessionals and her plant lady abilities. #goals


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