Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter friends!
We had a really nice day at home with just the four of us.
Our sweet bunny - Calvin - 9 months
And as a sweet memory - Chandler at 3 months in the same bunny ears.  :)
And even though we had plans for something different this Easter; I'm glad it all worked out the way it did.  We needed a day home, with nothing on the agenda.  Funny how things all work out for the best, right?
The boys woke up and we had a little egg hunt inside before breakfast.  Chandler would find an egg, crack it open, eat the candy, and then mosey on to the next egg.  We let him do that a couple of times and then we took the candy out of the eggs while he wasn't looking and hid it in his basket.
We are those parents.  ;)

The boys got a few things in their Easter baskets; new Mickey t-shirts, sidewalk chalk, peanut butter eggs, a book, and string beads.  Chandler loves to "play", and the library had beads and string the other day and Kelley said Chandler really liked it/did well with them, so the Easter Bunny overheard that and those showed up in their baskets.
The rest of the day was spent in our pj's.  I changed into sweatpants to make a quick grocery run (just keeping it real, lol) and Clint fed cows with Chandler.


It was a great Easter.  I hope yours was too!
And just keeping it real - I wanted a picture of the boys together, with one of them in bunny ears.  Chandler was mad though that I was taking a picture of him (versus him taking the picture - he loves my camera) and so he was crying & had a bink and by the end, Calvin was crying and the below is all I got.  :)
Life - it's not perfect, but it's still pretty great. :) 

Happy Easter!


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