Last week was the end of an era for the Sexson family.

Pam has cared for both of our babies - Chandler from 3 months until 15 months, and Cal from 3 months until almost 10 months last week. 

She has been such a gift to us - Pam only watches one baby at a time, and only until they are one.    She says she only watches them until they are one because she doesn't like to tell them "no".  :)

We lucked out with Chandler getting to go longer than a year and Cal would have gone until he turned one, but Pam has to have knee replacement surgery later this month.

Pam has held & soothed our babies, taught them, cheered them on, cared for them when they were sick or teething, and whole heartedly loved them.  And for us as parents; she's provided the assurance that we could leave our babies with her; and go do our jobs without any guilt.  She is always happy to spoil them and love on them during the day, and then we pick them up at night.  :)



Pam - words aren't enough, but thank you.

We love you, and the amazing care you've given Chan & Cal! 

And we are cheering you on in this next season of life....

Love, Clint & Darcy


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