Tractors in the park.

Last Thursday, our local Stanfield library hosted "Tractors in the Park" and it was so fun!

It is no secret that Chandler LOVES tractors, and he was totally in his element.  As we were walking up to the park in the stroller, Chandler kept pointing "Tac-tor, Bon-bine!  Tac-tor, Bon-bine!"  (Tractor, combine!)

The library hosts different events throughout the year, and we try to go to them if we're home.  I figure if someone has taken the time to organize & plan something for the benefit of our community, then we need to support them in that endeavor, and our support is shown by showing up.

The community really put on a nice event - farmers brought in tractors, the volunteer fire department grilled hot dogs for everyone, the City of Stanfield had a tree planting project area, and the library was giving out books.  It was all held in the local sports park area (a nice long, well groomed grass field surrounding by a high bank of gravel) where kids could run around and parents didn't have to worry about traffic at all.


Randy Cooper, a local farmer helped organize the tractors and as we were visiting, he said out of the 15 people he called and asked to bring in a tractor, 13 were able to.  We're in the middle of spring planting & spraying here, so for so many farmers to take an afternoon to prep something and drive it in, and be here while the kids were all running around is really an effort and for that we are thankful!


Thank you Stanfield community for supporting our youth!  It was really a great event for our little family!


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