Weekend wins!

Happy Tuesday!

We had such a great weekend!

We had super weather, the sun shone AND it rained every day.  That makes for awesome grass growing weather and for that we were really thankful!

Although we were thinking of all of our friends in the Midwest who were battling a mid-April blizzard.  It had to be heart wrenching (and so much work) for our friends with livestock, trying to keep everything fed, warm and alive.  Ranchers usually wait until April to start calving (so that they miss winter weather) but this struck right in the heart of calving season.  We were praying for the best....

We started Friday night like this....

Clint was putting in CIDR's in Ellensburg Friday afternoon, so he didn't home until late....so the boys & I made an easy dinner when we got home after work and just played.

Saturday we did ALL.THE.WORK.  :)

Just kidding.  But it was the day our town had what I call "free dump day".  You could take in concrete, tires, clean wood, mattresses, furniture, batteries, etc. and they took it all for free.

We really like free.  :)

Clint had to run out to Pilot Rock to breed some heifers, so I went to town to run errands and grocery shop first thing with the boys, and on our way home we swung through the UEC parking lot (where free dump day was being held) to pick up a flyer & figure out the best way to load things in the trailer to bring in.  When we bought our place last year, the previous owners had stacks of tires, old bricks, concrete culvert pipes, and flat concrete lying around.  There is also a lot of chicken wire with concrete poured into it - I'm not sure what it was ever used for, but it was in a pile with big chunks of concrete so I'm wondering if it was a part of a building that was torn down?  Either way - we're trying to get it gone, but concrete is expensive to go to the dump with since it is so heavy.  I took a load of the chicken wire and concrete mixed in last week during "free dump week" where your first 500 pounds were free, and I ended up paying for 1500 pounds on top of the free 500 we took in.....and I probably only took 1/4 of what is out there.  I just keep reminding myself to do what we can, when we can.

So Saturday I knew we had a chance to take the clean concrete, so the chicken wire stayed, but I bet we took 3 tons (or more) of smaller concrete chunks in, along with 10 old tires on rims (the tires we have left without rims will go to a ranch to use for silage tires) in to town. We still have some concrete left  (the concrete had to be 2' wide or less, so we have probably 10 pieces that are much bigger we left home) and all of the concrete culvert pipe is still stacked at home (we actually think we can use that so we don't want to get rid of it just yet) but it felt great to get a load of stuff gone.

The boys were troopers while we loaded stuff and played!

We grabbed a quick lunch in town and went home to get ready to AI a set of heifers at Top Cut.

This is the only picture I took, ha!  We bred a set of Red Angus heifers for 9 Mile and with both boys there, Chandler had my phone most of the time as we tried to keep him occupied.

After AI'ing, I got Chandler ice cream on the way home from the feedlot, and by the time he was done and we were home, he needed a new outfit.  :)  The boys both did great, and deserved a reward.  Mama may have also had a bowl of Tillamook Cookie Dough.

#allegedly   #sogood

After all of that work on Saturday - we all needed baths.  :)

After baths, the boys & I went and met a guy coming from Montana at the sale yard who was dropping off a bull for a friend who couldn't make the drive this weekend while Clint went back to PR to breed heifers.  We came home, unloaded the bull and I put the boys to bed. You can bet we all slept solidly thru the night!

Sunday we slept in until 5:30 and had a really nice day as a family.  Clint had to breed a couple more heifers that morning, and run a few errands so the boys & I went to get Starbucks, checked on the bull and played outside.


I need to fertilize the lawn....but it was a bit windy so Chandler just drove the spreader around without anything in it.

Anyone else have a ton of dandelions this year???  At least they are good feed for the bees.

We did some yard work, put up fence for the horses that afternoon so we could turn them out onto some grass, and then prepped for the rest of the week.

 Cal is wanting to pull up on everything right now!

Sunday night it POURED down rain and we were happy to stay inside, eat dinner and have a quiet evening.  We are so thankful for the rain and warm days, and it can pour down rain here any time it wants!

Hope you had a good weekend too!


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