Branding calves & life lately.

There was a lot going on this weekend!  Pendleton Cattle Baron's, the Milton Freewater Jr. Show, customer appreciation dinners, and a lot of Mother's Day activities....but we made a choice to spend some time at home this weekend, getting caught up on things that needed working on.   We're headed to Nevada this weekend for a big AI project, and it was good to get a few things checked off of the list.

First up was branding....the Charolais pairs are headed to summer pasture in Wallowa and the calves needed an iron put on them.   Clint also bought a heifer at Meadow Acres this spring for Cal, and she needed an iron put on her too.  Cal was asleep, so Chan stepped in and helped out.  :)

Chandler didn't mind it when Clint was branding the calves, but he was NOT a fan of when Clint branded the heifer.....her bellering did not go over well.  ;) 
Otherwise, life lately has been good!
Clint was gone for a few days last week, but when he pulled in the driveway Thursday night, the boys were pretty excited!  We were out watering the fall cows and climbing panels, and they were so excited to see Clint pull in!

Since Clint was gone, the irrigating fell on me....but I scored big because it rained A TON last week and Mother Nature did ALL of my irrigating chores.  :)


Because we didn't have to move water, we had a lot more time at night to play!  And we took full advantage of it....the boys LOVE being outside, driving cars, blowing bubbles, digging in the dirt, watering the horses - you name it, if they can be outside - they are happy and that makes their mama happy.

  • We definitely earned our baths each night!


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