Cal's 1st Haircut.

Cal got his first haircut this weekend!

Cal has always had so much hair, especially compared to Chandler so even though he isn't quite a year yet, it was time.  He was looking very Trump-ish with his combover.  And I'm a fan of Trump....but not his hairstyle on my baby.  :

His hair before....

And after.

I had trimmed the hair around his ears and neck a few weeks ago - it was that long, but when my mom was over this weekend she did an entire cut.

He had been playing in the water table and seemed to be pretty still so she went at it....that worked for a bit, and then I needed to hold him so she could finish it up.

He looks SO stinking cute with his haircut! 

 I just LOVE a little boy with short hair and a side part - LOVE!!!

Thanks mom for giving the boys their first hair cuts - we love that they get to be done by you.  :)


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