Calvin - 11 months

Calvin David Dean

You are 11 months old!  You weigh 23 pounds, and are in size 18 month clothing.  You have 7 teeth, wear a size 4 diaper and learned how to crawl on your hands & knees this month!

You LOVE to pull up on things.  The crib, the bathtub, chairs, tables - you make a beeline for anything you think you can pull up on and then are so proud when you get to a standing position.  Or start crying when the chair you pulled up on falls over on you - yikes!


Your brother adores you, and you adore him.  The other night I was trying to put you both down later than normal, and you both kept rolling over so you could see each other (you sleep in a crib on one side of the room, and Chandler sleeps in a twin bed on the other) and you both would just laugh!  Your dad & I hope that you always love each other the way you love each other right now.

Your appetite hasn't waned; and you will eat just about anything.  Paper is your favorite (haha! - but seriously, you get so mad when we have a piece of paper and you can't have it), followed by blueberries, avocado, steak, eggs, toast, salad, potstickers, broccoli, pizza, etc.  The other night we were at the NWFCS appreciation dinner, and we gave you a cupcake.....

You didn't hate it, lol!
You were, however, quite mad when I took it away and washed your face.  :)

You are babbling a ton, LOVE it when your dad comes home and are still super easy going.

You are just a JOY sweet boy, and we love you very much!!!


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