My favorite part of the day is when Clint comes walking up to the sliding glass door at home, and our boys go nuts to see their "Dada".  Chandler starts pointing and jumping, and Cal starts kicking his feet and heavy breathing.  :)  It's the cutest thing you've ever seen, and I LOVE how much my boys love their dad and how much he LOVES them right back.

Clint is really busy right now with his job....but he's never too busy to give a kiss or hug, hold the boys in his lap if he's home for a second, or video call when he's got a spare moment out on the road. 

He constantly tells the boys he loves them, and if there is a way to take them along/let them drive/allow them to help do chores - he does.  He's patient, he watches out for their safety, and he's totally the "fun one" in the relationship.

Thanks Clint for being that kind of a dad!


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