Memorial Day AI in Mitchell.

We spent the latter part of last weekend in Mitchell breeding Hereford cows for Jim Bob Collins at his Table Mountain Ranch.


For anyone who has met Jim Bob, you'll know that he is a great guy and a really good manager.  He thinks outside the box, is willing to try something new, while still keeping a vision of what his cows need to look like and accomplish as pairs.  We also always enjoy traveling south to his ranch because he is a really gracious host.  Like, he has a basket of toys right inside the door for kids to play with and even though he has a gorgeous home; he never seems to mind that our kids are there and is always so gracious. 

The crew set up Sunday afternoon, bred anything that had come into heat that morning and then we finished up the rest of the cows in the morning.  We drove two pickups down, and took our personal double AI barn and Daniels double alley.  Jim Bob has two gates in his alleyway to drive into his working area; but we just back up the barn into one gate, and then chain the second gate to the barn and a third gate gets closed across the alleyway and it makes a great set up, complete with a makeshift Bud Box.  Then we just attached two heavy duty panels to the front of our alleyway to add space (so we could stage an extra cow) with a set of clevices Clint had specially made, and then we backed our barn up to the panels.  Clint had a set of bars welded to our AI barn, so we can secure panels to it without impeding the movement of the door. 



We bred about 60 head on Sunday night, and then visited while the boys played.  Jim Bob hosted us at his house, and since we'd bred all of the pink patches when we got there, we had some time in the morning to let the boys play.

About 9 am we got back at it; and finished up the rest of the herd.  Jim Bob and his crew sorted the cows from the calves, and then the guys brought cattle and Lori wrote down numbers.  Having those extra panels gave her time to note the ear tag, and bull we bred to for Jim Bob's records without slowing us down at all.  We never had to wait on cattle, and only had one cow at the very end who didn't want to stand.  Of course she was at the end....they always are.  ;)

Adrienne and her family were there too, and the boys I think had a really good time and I know I really appreciated her husband Paul's help.  He played with the boys while we were AI'ing, and it was just such a huge help.  And they had a GREAT time!!!!  Chandler especially liked playing with "the guys" as he kept calling Tristan & Griffin....and Cal slept through the first half of the morning and then Paul packed him around for the rest of the morning and he was a fan. :)

Celebrating with funny faces because we were done!
The crew at AWSS is really proud of the fact that we leave nothing behind after an AI project, except our "brand" in the dirt where the AI barn sits.  No paper towels, no sheaths, and we try not to leave a lot of manure either....we have a "clean hand" rule in the barn, and don't evacuate cows when breeding all in an effort to keep things neat and tidy. Adrienne took this picture, and you can see where the barn was....but in a few days it'll all be gone.

And in less than 2 hours, we had the cows bred, everything cleaned up, the AI barn jacked up and hooked up, the double alleyway loaded with panels and hooked on and we were headed home thru the Painted Hills.

Thanks again Jim Bob for having us!  We hope your Small Town Kid & Torque calves next year look as good as your All American calves do this year!


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