Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Picks

A friend of mine always says "Everyone has a budget; even rich people have a budget, it's just a little different than ours".  I'm very much a "If it's not on sale, I don't need it" kind of a person.  But over time, I've realized that you get what you pay for.  And sometimes if you pay a few extra dollars - the quality you purchase will be returned.  That's why Nordstrom has become a store I shop often from.

I love Nordstrom for their quality, free shipping on EVERYTHING (no matter the price) and excellent customer service.  I save up for and plan to buy things during their Anniversary Sale in July - but that sale normally includes fall/winter items.  And when it's been 90 degrees every day this week (!!!) it's hard to think about fall styles.

Enter the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale.

Now I won't be buying all of these things - I have a budget too - but below are a few things I think are good buys!  The leggings are on their way to me as I type this....

Hue Raw Fringe Hem Skimmer Leggings
I have a pair of these leggings in black, with a clean hem and they are my favorite pants of all time right now.  They don't make my style anymore, but I ordered this pair in white for summer and I am hoping they are as good as the pair I have now.  My favorite feature is that they pull on like a legging, but look like a jean pant and are crazy comfortable, and stay UP in the waist.  If you are a plus size, and work in business casual type work setting you need a pair of these!

I also love the Hue Denim Leggings but right now it only comes in a size XS.  Which if you are an XS you should get these! I sadly am not and never will be.  ;)

Capri Blue Muse Collection Candles
These candles are a bit of a splurge; but I love to pick up a few when they're on sale to give as birthday presents.  (I like to give things that are somewhat practical, but that you don't always buy for yourself.)  My favorite scent is Volcano.

If you don't have a pair of KS earrings now is the time to buy!!!  These are a CRAZY good deal, and timeless!  I own four pairs, and love all of them.

Sadly, the leopard sandals I were hoping would be on sale are not.  :(  But I really like these Olga sandals - especially in the cognac.

I love this caddy!  I think it'd be a perfect spot to hold markers & crayons.
Side note - Chandler found a Sharpie and drew all over my leather front driver's seat in the Camry....anyone have any tricks for getting it off?  Kim told me I need to use an H2O cloth, which will be on order!

Ok, so this serves zero purpose by it is SO DANG FUN!  And $10, which is totally within the budget of fun things. 

And these planters would be perfect to go along with the cactus!

For my boys I love:

I have the blue & white striped short for Cal and they are SO cute!  And for 4th of July, I pair them with an inexpensive red tee and have a cute little festive outfit!

Speaking of patriotic wear - how fun is this shirt?!?
Chandler has a Boden applique tee and it is the best quality!  These are a little pricey for a tee ($15) but they are such great quality, fun without being obnoxious, and wash wonderfully!

The boys don't have a pair of these (yet!) but they look SO FUN I might just have to pick up a pair.  I love matching jammies, and at $20 a pair - these are pretty reasonable.


What are your favorite picks in the sale?!?

Shop the entire sale here!

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