The best summer shoes.

Happy Weekend Friends!!!

We're looking forward to a busy weekend - branding, a bit of AI'ing and maybe a nap for everyone tomorrow if we play our cards right.  :) As we wake up and get ready for the day - I really wanted to share with you a pair of shoes that has become a staple in our house.

So our kids go to the same daycare with the Carnine girls....and I like to joke that whatever Trav & Kyle do with their kids, we just copy.  Their oldest daughter went to Pam's first, and then when we needed to find a full time babysitter after Pam, Kyle is the one who suggested Kelley and so I joke that copying them has worked out pretty good for us!  :)  Last summer, their girls were wearing waterproof Nike shoes, and our babysitter was saying how great they were.  If we can do something to make Kelley's life easier, I'm all about it - so we picked up a pair for Chandler.
Last year Chandler wore them and he loved them, I loved them and Kelley loved them.  They're soft, they can get wet, they have toe protection, they have some grip when the kids are playing in water, they don't stink and they dry really fast.  They're basically the unicorn of kids shoes.   The only thing about them that I wished I could have changed were the straps....Chandler's feet are really high and wide and the strap wasn't quite long enough to stayed tight all day.  Well Nike must have heard my silent prayers, because this year they introduced a newer version of the Sunray shoe and friends, and I'm here to tell you that it has NO FAULTS.  I bought a pair for each of the boys and we've gotten good use out of them already - they wear them almost every day!

I'd picked up a used pair of the older style at a Goodwill last year, hoping they would fit Chandler this summer, which they do....but when I found the new style I also picked up a pair to see if they were better, and THEY ARE!  You can find these at different stores and online, but I love that Nordstrom has free shipping!  I am not someone who normally pays full price for a pair of shoes....but I will gladly pay full price for these, they are that good. 

-  Chandler in the new style of the Sunray shoe from Nordstrom -

Chandler in the old style of Sunray shoe and Cal has one of the new style on, and one off; Chandler kept pulling them off to tickle his toes.  :)

These shoes are great to change water in, do chores in, water flowers in, play outside in puddles or in dirt piles, play with a hose - they're just a great little shoe.  Even Cal wears a little pair in size 4 - and for a baby shoe, they stay on relatively well!  They run true to size, in the new style.

So if you're in the market for summer shoes for boys (or girls!) - I hope you would consider these!

We also have a pair of these (above) and these that get worn a lot as well!
And yes, Chandler is applying clear lip gloss to his face.

So if you haven't picked up a pair of summer shoes....what are you waiting for?!?

A few links are affiliate - but even if they weren't, I'd still sing the praises of these shoes, they're THAT good.  Thanks for supporting my blog!


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