Weekend Wrap Up - "Warr Warr" Edition

Happy Tuesday!  Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend!

My mom came over Friday night and we spent almost all day Saturday at home. 

We did run into town in the morning to pick up a few things; including water shooters which Chandler fell in love with. So much that he had a tantrum at lunch and at dinner when we pulled him away from his "Warr warr!"  Literally, he was sobbing so hard and crying out "Warr warr" that we finally let him hold the little water shooters (empty) inside to get him to calm down, and he ended up sleeping with one them.

As my mom said, "Best dollar spent on Saturday".  :)

And this guy got his first real haircut!!!!

He looks so big now - but I love little boys with short hair and a side part.  :)

Mom went home Sunday morning, and we gave shots to the red cows before packing up and heading to Mitchell for an AI project.  I have a post lined up for that later this week - but as always, it was fun to see Jim Bob.  We took two rigs down, since we took an AI barn and a double alleyway....I followed Clint and it was a good trip down.

 I did forget to pack warm water for a bottle for Cal....so I let nature take over, and let a bottle heat up on the dash on the drive down - it worked like a charm!

We pulled in back home around dinner time on Monday, unpacked and then the Johnsrud's came over and the boys played and ate ice cream bars - it was a great way to end the day.

Hope you had a nice weekend as well! 


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