AI'ing at CSC.

Clint AI'ed a set of heifers for Cunningham Sheep Co. last weekend in Nolin, and I tagged along to help thaw.  He had bred a set earlier in the week up in the hills, closer to their summer range and they had an awesome heat response so he was hopefully for this weekend.

The heifers didn't disappoint - less than 10% were silvers (meaning they hadn't come into heat yet) so that made them easy to breed!  We were having a conversation with Ian, their cow manager about how good the response was, and how feed really plays into that.  These heifers have been on a consistent diet, and upward plane of nutrition and it paid off!

 We used Chisum 255 and I can't wait to see how their calves turn out!  Chisum 255 is a super thick bull, who may not make a show calf (his front is not great) but if you're selling pounds of product; he's a bull to consider.

Cal wanted to hold the canes.  :)

I love our new thaw units!  We've used them consistently this spring, and they are worth having!

Chandler spent most of the AI project hanging out in the van (which we had parked right next to the AI barn), watching a movie - so when we were done and he could get out, he had a ball going up & down the alleyway and into the barn.  He loves to run a gate, and the alleyway has two he can open & shut.

Mason opened gates for me as I drove out in the minivan - we loved getting to see him! He is such a good helper to his dad, and is going to be a great cowman!

It was a great day in Nolin!  Thanks to the CSC crew for having us!

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  1. Where did you find the thaw units?? I love the temp on the outside.

    1. Kellie - Select Sires sells them! You can call Clint at 541-609-0167 or if you have a local Select Sires rep you work with, they can order one for you too! They're called a Dairy Mac thaw unit - they have two different styles, I like the flip top style.


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